Valleri from Venezuela


and Nez sheet music for I've Just Begun To Care (Propinquity)



A single from El Salvador I've never run across before:

"Laugh/She". Some countries, like Turkey & the Philippines, pressed songs
from their second LP looking for another hit record like "I'm A Believer".


A promo copy of last April's Records Store Day picture disc.
It's odd I haven't seen one of these until now.



Reader Rick Rann provided me with a missing link in the
Canadian Headquarters jacket variations. He has a copy of the stereo version
of Headquarters with the bearded back cover (which as we all know was the corrected,
second version of HQ) with the fan club info box on the back.

So first they listed on the back a USA fan club address (2nd LP) then changed that
to a Canadian address, then removed it altogether.

There are so many jacket variations in the first three LPs, it seriously makes my head spin!


Found a copy of their first Greatest Hits from Mexico:




More great pics from William:

and some Nez singles from New Zealand as well:


Head Alternate is to be Released on March 3, 2017 pre-order here


Translucent Gold Vinyl

For the Monkees' 50th Anniversary Friday Records plans to release Head
with this gold foil cover and alternate versions of the songs. All the songs
are found on the Head handmade box set, but they will
make their first appearance on vinyl here.

The songs won't be new, but it does look really nice.