Nice surprise from Santa today I got all the records I've been waiting on for the last month:

Shades Of Gray/Mr. Webster from the Philippines and

I Won't Be The Same Without Her/
The Girl I Left Behind Me....both from the Instant Replay LP.

I love the singles from the Philippines, they are just so hard to find!

Finally found a copy of Last Train To Clarksville on the black label. This is a record that just didn't sell well in France, even when the Monkees went there to shoot an episode for their TV show, no one knew who they were; they had to hire fans to chase them. So not too many copies of this record are out there, in fact, this is the first copy I've seen come up for sale anywhere in 6 years. France is one of the first countries I started to collect, along with Mexico, Germany, Australia and Japan. Its nice to finally get the last one.

It's a Festivus Miracle!



Finished all the LPs except Colgems (of course) I need to revamp that entire section and thats going to take some time. But I'm off this week so we'll see what I can get done. Also added the rare Lightning Records version of Head, thanks to Ben Belmares who gave me the pics for that one and most of the LPs that you see on my site. Thanks Ben!

Big thanks to Ken Binney who help me correct some glaring spelling errors on my site!

I'm still missing some LP shots, mostly some labels and inserts here and there. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated!

Still waiting on records from the Philippines, Mexico and France; mail is really slow this time of year.

Merry Christmas everyone!



Finished the DVD & Blu-Ray section!

So from here on out I'll be working on the LP section and whatever singles find their way to me.



Finished (I hope) all the USA cds! I did these because I was tired of having to pull them out each time I wanted to read them. Now I can go to Starbucks and pull out my iPad for some good reading. I might go back and redo the Japanese CDs as I didn't do the liner notes at the time, but they are in Japanese, I don't read it but maybe someone else would enjoy it.

Next up are the LPs. I would like to also do the TV show on DVD & Head on Bu-ray. The sleeves for the DVDs was how I got into collecting the foreign pictures sleeves to begin with. I remember there were some from Germany, France and Japan and they got me thinking...what is out there?

Found Little Bit Me/Girl I Knew Somewhere from Ireland and more on the way from India, Mexico and the Philippines including a rare one: Shades of Gray/Mr. Webster.

Started off the LP section by finishing the 12" Singles. Only 4 exist: USA, UK, Germany and Mexico.


Head on Blu-Ray section finished:




Almost finished with the CDs and cassette tapes. I basically have all the cassettes pictured, except the Rhino 94-95 reissues, those are proving tough. Ben Belmares has been very kind to send me so many great pics of his cassettes!

So far, I count 54 total USA cds, and 4 CD singles. That includes Arista, Friday and Rhino's box sets, deluxe, handmade, compilations, reissues and original productions.

On cassette tape from Colgems, Arista and Rhino: 44 tapes.

Pool It! and the Monkees Greatest Hits may have been issued on tape in '95 too, but haven't been able to confirm that. Anyone got a copy of it? Rhino continued to issue cassettes up through 2002, but except for Justus, they were all cheapo compilations.

I'm hoping to have all the CDs pictured here, if I miss any let me know!