End of the year wrap up!

Created an LP page for Davy and Michael, showcasing the ones that I have so far.

Happy Birthday guys!

Also added the DJB&H LP:

After picking up the German promo for "D.W." earlier this month,
I'm happy to report I've also found the promo picture sleeve:


Billboard review for Davy's 1971 LP:


Billboard ad from 1987:



Santa brought me 4 records from the Philippines:

Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day/
Gonna Buy Me A Dog


Shades Of Gray/
Sunny Girlfriend


Forget That Girl/
Mr. Webster


Dream World/
We Were Made For Each Other


and some more sheet music:


Renamed some of the buttons and reordered them quite a bit; moving the non-country buttons to the top.
Hopefully this makes navigation a little easier, and I moved ' USA' to the top as well....

Happy Holidays to everyone!



Added new categories on the left: Denmark, Sheet Music, Rhodesia
and changed Holland to the Netherlands, because really Holland is just a part of the Netherlands;
a piece of geographic knowledge I wasn't privy to when I first created this site.

Also, 8-Tracks, Reel To Reel and Cassettes each now have their own buttons.



Finished all 712 scans of the 7 inch records (thats 1428 scans, not including mistakes!),
there is slightly more than that on this site, but thats how many I own.
Anyway, wrapped up the USA this week.

Doing this during the holidays has just been crazy, but I like the label only look,
it gives them a nice clean appearance. For some reason the color red didn't translate well with my old scanner,
so redoing the Colgems labels has them looking much more readable.

Here are new scans of these ads and one from "The Beat".


Steppin' Stone:


RCA promo from Germany:


More records on the way from the Philippines, Peru and Thailand and of course more sheet music.



I Wanna Be Free