Upcoming Rhino releases are beginning to leak out:

Cereal Box Record Set:

With 4 flexi-discs this could be interesting; no word yet
if they are still made of cardboard.

Complete Album Collection:

A 10 CD set with all 9 original LPs + singles. Probably nothing new here,
but I'm curious about the packaging.



Another Nez AFRTS record:

The In Sound from January 1967:

Has a brief interview with Michael asking him about mod fashions,
of all things. Wool hat recommends anything you can find
from the Army/Navy surplus store!


Found the Headquarters EP from Japan:

I guess EPs just weren't selling in the 70s because these are just so
incredibly hard to find. The cardboard picture sleeves with the printed lyrics
on the back are remarkable. No other country was putting out any quality product
like Japan was at that time. Only 3 years after The Monkees broke up
Japan reissued all 9 LPs plus 7 EPs. Staggering!



Another promo postcard from Germany, this one a little earlier, from September 1967:

For Germany I also corrected the first single and made "Take A Giant Step"
the A-side, even though "Last Train To Clarksville" was the song that charted.
Same thing for"Tapioca Tundra/Valleri".

I also updated the picture sleeves according to their actual release;
some of the early picture sleeves had two or three variations,
because the music came from the UK and they didn't issue picture sleeves,
so Germany would just use a generic picture sleeve, until the artwork arrived.

I'm only missing the first "I'm A Believer" sleeve.


Promo copy of the Bell Records "Refocus"


Spain Promos:




More good stuff for Nez fans:

From Australia, "Texas Morning" except what they really put on the vinyl was
"I Looked Away"; I bet that didn't help create a "Hitbound" record. It was never
corrected, so um, yeah, no one cared at RCA.


From France "Silver Moon", you would think this hit single would be easier to find;
at least they got the right song on the record.


Found a UK promo for the Monkees I had never seen before:

Using a single to promote an EP was done for many artists by Arista UK
but this is the only one I've found for the Monkees.


"I Remember The Feeling" Australian promo for Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart: