Thanks to reader Jesus Galeote who provided labels for this hard to find Argentina pressing
of Michael's Nevada Fighter.



Finally snagged my own copy of this SYEOR release:

Rhino used some plant in Argentina to press these,
perhaps that was the fastest method to getting these to market,
but my side 2 label looks a little crispy!

Three years ago they did another one of these for The Monkees Greatest Hits
and it was limited to 4500 copies. This one is also limited
but I have yet to find out what that number is;
most dealers seemed to only get a few copies in for sale.

The song She Hangs Out has the credits as "Barry/Greenwich/Leiber/Stoller"
I believe this is incorrect and we first saw this on the Pisces LP in the 10 LP box set
Classic Album Collection. Sandoval in his recent tome confirms Ellie Greenwich
did help Jeffy Barry with this song (page 236), but not Leiber & Stoller.

This has the same matrix & mastering (Ian Sefchick, his mark is in the dead wax)
as the Classic Album collection. So this album and the one from that box set,
are one and the same.



Found this original CD longbox for the Arista comp Then & Now
with the hype sticker & Tower Records price sticker that has the date
it was first issued, August 1986.


And finally found a sealed copy of the first Sundazed reissue with
the misspelling of Papa Jean's Blues; only the first 1000 pressed had this.

Updated the whole page and clean it up a bit. Added the vinyl versions of the
second pressing for this LP with the corrected "Papa Gene's Blues" song title.



New pictures for the site from Japan
(courtesy of StewMac)

SCP-1305 EP with the ¥600 Price Sticker on the back


SS-1943 Oh My My Promo

This is the first copy of this promo that I have ever seen!
I didn't even think it existed. Always nice to find something new.




Now available for pre-order, Sings Nesmith The EP
the upcoming new release from 7A

Very curious about Soul-Writer's Birthday.

Micky's page for this release



New to the site, Then & Now comp from South Africa
(courtesy of Rikizo Komori)


Some cool ads from StewMac:


Finally a release date for their third LP!
It didn't chart so an exact date was unknown.



Promoting their concert the next day at Vancouver
& their Instant Replay LP.



Added the last four Nesmith releases on Rio Records to the site:
(thanks to Ed Reilly for sharing his photos)

The Garden



The Ocean (his final project)



On the heels of Friday Music's Pisces releases now comes Rhino's
"Start Your Ear Off Right" LP which was released today.
Pictures coming soon.



Newly found ¥500 Sticker for the Japanese release for Silver Moon
(courtesy of Michael Sievers)

This second sleeve version of Nez's third single debuted probably in January 1971
and the ¥500 price change didn't happen till sometime in 1972.

Nevada Fighter, Crippled Lion & Mama Rocker could potentially also be found with this sticker
I guess any of the others could as well if they were still selling well by '72 .

Rather than another sticker on the reverse they stamped 500 over the printed 400.



Updated the site with new LP photos from Turkey
(courtesy of Ed Reilly)


and Mega Records Pool It from Denmark with this really cool promo flyer
(courtesy of Michael Sievers)


And this very rare Nesmith single Nevada Fighter from South Africa
(courtesy of Stephen Wright)



New logo for a new year, celebrating 50 years for Davy's You're A Lady &
Nesmith's Mama Rocker both sleeves from Japan.
Plus some recent finds from the past year.