Updated the site with this clean copy of the Pisces 8 track

I had the cartridge already but the case is just impossible to find.


Also found a Lear Jet Stereo 8 version of the first release with an updated copyright on the rear label.
But, surprise!, it also contained a rivet style cartridge- the first known to exist for this title.
So that puts this release sometime in the latter part of '68

So this is the 4th variation of this case and inside was the 3rd version of the cartridge.


Other finds....

A Birds LP with a promo stamp on the front; very unusual.


Promo copy for this Japanese Birds CD from 2013




A promo letter for the 1979 reissue of Rio on the Pacific Arts label
(Courtesy of Jesus Galeote)


A major find: Acetates for the original Colgems LPs.

Discovered in a private collection; there is renewed hope
for finding their other albums.

Pisces & Instant Replay
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

No unique mixes found. Pisces is the full side one as found on the stock copy.
IR is a collection of the single A/B plus 2 songs each from Micky & Michael.

Found a UK Valleri single that is a repressing. On November 23, 1968 the UK tax code
changed and was denoted as "J.T." on the label.

Most of the black label singles are missing the older tax code "K.T.".
and all the later orange labels records (Tear Drop City and later) don't have any
tax code information at all, so this seems to be very inconsistent.



It's Christmas Time Once More

Davy's Christmas record on red vinyl; finally released this week. Sold out within
just a few days. Hand numbered, mine is 90/120.
So, a very limited pressing!


An alternative test pressing popped up on eBay recently that uses the Arista catalog number
for The Monkees Greatest Hits

AL 4089

The previously known test pressing: BL 6083



This started shipping last week, I hope everyone is able to grab a copy.

Andrew Sandoval's Beatland Books next project: The Micky Dolenz archives, Volume 1

Order Here (Release date 12.6.23)