Feb. 28 Updated Thailand (again). It seems every week there is a new record from Thailand that shows up on ebay that I've never seen before, and those Thailand ones are starting to get expensive. So I have to pass and try to catch it next time, although in collecting, there is often not a next time. But do I have to have everything? The eternal debate.

Feb. 26 I thought I was finished, and just realized I completely forgot about the Colgems Cereal Record section. How about those cereal records? You know I had to get them as they all have that Colgems symbol on there. Man those were a pain to collect, sellers would not ID which number was on the record and every time I would have to write them and say 'ok, there is only one of those songs on the record....". The best pics are of the complete or near complete boxes and the ad and coupon. Also updated site map.

Feb. 25 Added new pics for Canada and Australia for the 80's records. As far as I can tell, neither country had a picture sleeve for "That Was Then..". I didn't even know Australia issued that record till a few weeks ago. Now, I'm not too excited about the Monkees music in the 80s, but if I can get the records cheap, I'll post the pics up.

Feb. 24. Updated and consolidated what I know about the "My Favorite Monkee" USA demo single. Even Andrew's not so sure anymore where it came from. Check for it under the USA/Colgems section.

Feb. 18th. Did the mock-ups. Check 'em out! Did some individual page corrections and updated El Salvador from some recent ebay auctions. I also added some annotations to the Japan pages from Michelle66.

Feb 17th Finished! Woo-Hoo, but of course, it never really ends. But finished the USA. I'll go back and fill in some notes here and there and may do some of the great mock up picture sleeves from HMF.

Feb. 16th Still working on the USA singles but finished all the solo work and even did some Colgems advertisements from back in the day. I'll finish the USA tomorrow, but will still need to go back and do some annotations and such.

Feb. 14th Japan is done, now to finish the USA and do put all the solo work I have up.

Feb. 12th Need to do the individual pages for Japan but got most of the USA done, with only the Colgems singles left. Added one record to Malaysia and 3 pics to Thailand, from some recent finds on ebay.

Feb. 9th Germany is finished. Japan is next, sorta like WWII; weird. Its V-E day!

Feb 8th: UK and Australia are done. Completely redid Philippines, Uruguay and Venezuela adding photos grabbed off ebay from over the years, also added PVS to Turkey....

Feb. 6th: Completed Mexico and France this weekend. 5 countries to go! But they are the really big ones. UK up next.

Feb. 4th: More snow, Texas has turned into the great white north. Completely redid Poland and finished Spain and Brazil. About 8 countries left and then I'll go back and plug in some photos here and there.

Feb. 3rd: Canada and New Zealand now complete. For the last year I have been collecting the original music ads featured in Billboard, Cash Box, Record World and New Music Express. I have almost all the them from Billboard and I hope to be able to get them up as well. The Monkees were featured in many ads; but I'm focusing on only those ads that feature the original Colgems records.

Feb. 2nd: Argentina and Thailand now finished. I'm hoping to have all of it up in about 3 weeks. But then I could do some of their solo work; and maybe the USA LPs....

Feb. 1st: Well I'm snowed in here in Dallas, so another great day to work on the mindless task of data entry. South Africa and Italy are finished and I added some new photos to Israel for 'discriminating' adults such as you.