MGM mono/stereo promo single for Davy's "Who Was It?"


Rainy Jane Netherlands:


Micky Mouse B-day from the UK:


and this 1981 Japan MGM LP with Davy & Micky

Ben Belmares provided these LP pics, thanks Ben!



Two of the MGM promos for Davy:


A German record club LP:

This was an odd compilation featuring side 1 from "The Monkees"
and side 2 from "More Of The Monkees".


The first ad promoting the new single from Record World:

August 27, 1966



Started a section of Davy's MGM years with the stock copy of "Who Was It?/You're A Lady".

There is some question about which is the A-side. I found a review in Billboard that says
"Who Was It?" is the A-side and then reader Ed Reilly posted on our Facebook group
page an ad from Cash Box promoting that song. When the single failed to chart
I think a new promo was created plugging "You're A Lady" (which also failed to chart).


Also added Davy's interview disc from Japan.
Reader Paul pointed out that I didn't have this flexi and I was surprised that it was from 1968
and the topics included the TV show and the upcoming movie. Thanks Paul!
The insert has the transcript in English.

This interview is similar to the Head promotional interview LP: