Found the last record I was missing from Greece:

"(Theme From) The Monkees/Mary, Mary"

This pairing was also issued in Germany and Turkey but in 1967;
Greece seems to have issued it pretty late in the game, waiting until 1969.

Whenever I see the TV show theme issued as a single I always think
it is somehow tied to the airings of the show in that country. Germany released
"Theme/I'm A Believer" in 1969, so perhaps the show was being seen in reruns.
I wish I could find out when the show was on the air in foreign markets!

Also from Greece this reissue with a push-out center for "I'm A Believer".

USA Sheet Music

"You Just May Be The One"

Only missing these 8 from the USA now:

Take A Giant Step
Shades Of Grey
Cuddly Toy
Porpoise Song
As We Go Along
Tear Drop City
Listen To The Band
Good Clean Fun

Some of these are extremely hard to find,
but at least I do have the front covers of all of them.



The last Nez single on RCA from 1972:


Sheet music for the 1986 version of "Daydream Believer" on Arista Records.

Thanks to Dave Farley for pointing this one out
as I didn't know it even existed.


More sheet music coming plus records from Greece, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the UK.



From France the Nez Nevada Fighter single:

They got the songs right on this one.
Now I just need to find a good copy of Silver Moon.



Just got in this first LP from Singapore:

They stuck "I'm A Believer" at then end of side 1 and the Four Tops'
"Until You Love Someone" on side 2! The label is wrong, but the reverse jacket has got it right.
Just like Iran & Thailand, anything goes as these LPs were cobbled together
from vinyl sources to sell whatever was popular with no royalties being paid out.

The bright blue and red colors is like a crazy 3-D cover that really messes with my vision.

Very similar Singapore EP:



Found another copy of The "In" Sound. These were radio spots sponsored by the US Army;
this time they are promoting "Pleasant Valley Sunday":

More records on the way from France, Greece and the UK.



Another record from Jamaica:

They must have done all the singles there, just pressed in very low numbers.