Just acquired two new Davy promos from Japan:

Japan Records

These labels look the same as the stock except for the
"Not For Sale" in Japanese in a small box. Easy to miss!

Pioneer Records

Easy to spot white labels



Finally back online after a frozen week here in Texas.

Great news as Andrew announced his long-awaited updated & revised version
of his Monkees Day-By-Day Story on February 19.

To obtain a signed and numbered hardcover edition, you must register at beatlandbooks.com
and reserve a copy before 12pm (PST) March 15, 2021.
Payment in May for delivery in June.

I was able to contribute photos and other archive material as did many other collectors
making this book truly a project for fans by a fan.

Let's all support Andrew for all his hard work not only on this book but for all the
music releases over the last 30+ years.

Michael Sievers gave me these promo photos and that lead me to update
the page for The Monkees Golden Album:



Reader Michael Sievers has found a matte rear slick for the Colgems Head LP
that we have been discussing on Facebook:

comparison matte vs gloss cover

If there were only a few out there it might be a printing/production error
however Derek Miner reports that he has seen this as well.
So the hunt is one to find more like this one!


Black labels for these somewhat hard-to-find early Arista studio reissues
from Japan, also courtesy of Michael Sievers




Ed Reilly generously shared some pictures of longboxes
for this Warner Special Products release from 2002
36 All-Time Favorites



The SHM-CD Japanese version of Forever


The very rare Capitol Record Club version of the Bell greatest hits LP Re-Focus

The jacket is the same except for 94922
on the lower left corner of the reverse jacket.

Thanks to Ed Reilly for both of these!



Completed a new page for a Japanese set of 4 CDs from 1991-92 from Century Records

The booklets/photos were the same as the US editions but it had a unique
"Monkee Times" newsletter insert with recollections from Chip Douglas.

Thanks to Ed Reilly for sharing these photos!