MARCH 25: Separated the Davy Jones USA section so that his vanity label is on a new page. I don't collect their solo stuff per se, but I am interested in anything they did while they were in their original incarnation of the Monkees. Although I did continue to collect Nesmith while he stayed on RCA and Jones on Bell.

I just found a second version of the Davy Jones Presents picture sleeve.

Added some pics from India.

March 21: New finds from Sweden: Girl I Knew Somewhere/Little Bit Me, Little Bit You, which looks to have the same sleeve as Germany.

Also found Heart And Soul, which has the same sleeve as everywhere else. This record got some good distribution (Germany, Spain, Canada, and now France & Sweden).

I also just found a PVS sleeve with no indentions (East Coast Style). I probably have 17 copies of this record and still I am finding new stuff from the USA.

I think I have everything they did in the 80's worldwide except the 4 picture discs from the UK, I'll get those someday.

March 15: Created an Interview page from Q & As that I've saved over the years. I think the recent Bob Rafelson one is my favorite.

March 12: Posted Nesmith's production efforts on the Dot label and Davy's vanity label (incl. a promo!). Added a pic from 9/24/66 to Billboard Magazine. Updated the update section.

March 9: Found a 'missing link' in my quest to understand the Colombia style label transitions. A copy of the "Arranged by Shorty Rogers" version of Daydream Believer with borders. So this confirms that the Hollywood pressing plant only printed labels with the borders all the way through Daydream Believer and then began to make the switch during Valleri. No known copies exist of Daydream Believer without the borders (from the Hollywood plant which only uses Font Type 1). I'll update this info on my USA label variations page. This kind of attention to minutiae reminds me how much I have lost my mind.

Added some pics under USA/Colgems that show what the pressing plant stamps look like on the record. I probably took 15 photos for every good one, but I think the ones I put up turned out really clear and sharp.

March 6: Upgraded the photos from Venezuela, turns out Oh My My is the b-side. Some very nice 'Colgems style' labels are on ebay, too bad they are so overpriced. Interesting to see sellers are recognizing that these are rather hard to find.

March 1: Added Record World, the Promo Press Kit for the 1st LP and the 1st Monkee Flyer to the Advertisement section and added some new photos to Cash Box and Billboard. Also added a Japanese mag pic from April 1969 which can be found in the Japan RCA Singles section.