Found an alternative version of the Singapore RS-107. Its probably an earlier copy as the artwork is not as colourful and the labels are different than anything else that came from that country.


After many years of looking, I finally got a copy of the last original Canadian single! By then (as in the USA) The Monkees were on the Bell label:


I've had some nice finds recently so coming in the next month I'll add more records from Ireland, Turkey, Venezuela (my first!), Singapore, Chile, Peru and maybe Iran.


Found a real nice uncut jukebox title strip sheet for PVS/Words:


Uncut sheets are just unbelievably tough to find, and I don't know how much of a real market there is out there for them, but I think they are a nice addition to my collection.


More updates! Added a few more pics in the Philippines and an EP from El Salvador.

Found an earlier version of the German Arista 101 852 with the paper labels. I had always wondered whether this existed or not because I had the version of this record with the later molded labels in a sequence before a paper label in 101 853. Now it makes sense that this must have been reissued at some point.

Created a new Philippine page with 2 new records in the solo Davy Jones section.

Finished the USA Collectables page, leaving me with only 1 missing USA record: The Oh My My promo with the RCA symbol at the bottom. Whenever you collect something you always find everything but one item! Never fails.

With the untimely death of Davy, there have been a huge influx of items appearing on ebay. However no new records...yet. I'm surprised no copies of 'Girl' have showed up. Maybe that just shows how rare that record really is...it never charted and wasn't popular when it came out. I'm still looking for a promo copy.


Found better pics for the Canadian Bell GT 123X plus found out the B-side: PVS!

Added some more pics and confirmed Last Train, Valleri and DW Washburn in the Ireland section.

Some real nice updates to the Germany RCA section. A new German contact Kai Dressler, comments on all the alternate picture sleeves. Added a promo PS for Last Train and an all new 3rd PS for Last Train!