Finally found a Rhino cassette from the 1994-5 reissues:

The interesting thing is that inside the J-Card, the picture of the LP album reverse was (to the best of my knowledge) never issued on any copies of "The Monkees" LP! This same picture is found in the CD booklet:

It has the Colgems circle symbol which was issued on the third edition (1969) but the fan club info inside the box has a New York Address (like the Present and Changes LPs) and the box at the top (Colgems Stereo Records....) was only found on the Head, Instant Replay, Present and Changes LPs. In addition the Mono and Stereo catalog numbers are missing.

It's not a foreign pressing either.

There is a similar picture used on the 1995 Headquarters CD booklet that features an RE2 LP reverse that no one has ever seen:

Was there another version of "The Monkees" and "The Monkees' Headquarters" LPs issued in the USA?

Did someone from Rhino photoshop these pictures? unlikely, but where did they come from?

It will be interesting to see if one of these ever turns up.


Daydream Believer from Turkey:


UK CD Single:



Got another promotional postcard from Germany, this one catalogs their early recordings. Nice to figure out when 'Theme/Mary, Mary' was released.


Another promo from the Philippines: 'For Pete's Sake/I Can't Get Her Off My Mind'




Time for my once a month update!

Not much happening since I completed the CD, LP and Tape sections.


Found a couple new Cash Box Ads:


A transition record with both the Colgems Circle and the Columbia/Screen Gems label:


of course I could fake this by taking photos from 2 different records,
but lets just assume I didn't do that.


A promo only Italian EP, with 'A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You' on it.



A much better pic of the Mommy picture sleeve from Turkey.


New records on the way from Ecuador (a first!), Philippines, Turkey, Thailand and another promo card from Germany.