From South Korea this cassette with slipcover from Ed Reilly:



Added the Japanese 2006 Deluxe Editions for The Monkees & More Of The Monkees

These apparently did not sell well so Headquarters & Pisces were never released.
They are not even listed on Discogs and can be rather hard to find today.
Thanks to Ed Reilly for sharing his photos!



Massive update of 16 Japanese Rhino CDs from the 90s.
Mostly from the "Original Classics" reissues and then Greatest Hits, Pool It,
The Missing Link series plus a couple more.

I'm still missing a few promos and waiting on the Live 1967 in the mail
but I will update these as I find them.


Also available for pre-order:

Dolenz Sings Nesmith

It seems it will have a world wide release date on May 21.
Available on CD and 180g turquoise vinyl. Deep Discount has the best prices so far.

Also coming soon is the CD for Different Drum: The Lost RCA Victor Recordings
To Be Released on April 30, 2021.

Pre-order available from Real Gone Music

Be sure and grab a copy of both of these!



Reader Michael Sievers pointed out that the original Japanese sleeve
for Silver Moon has a variation with a darker yellow sun and water currents.
Why wouldn't they have colored the 'moon' silver? Artistic license for you.

Comparison of the two sleeves.


I've also added his aqua colored picture sleeve to the UK Old Gold page


Which leads to this amazing find (sort of) of the 4th label design of the OG single
I'm A Believer/Monkees Theme which I finally found on eBay last week
after looking for it for 10 years. I wasn't even sure it really existed.



Found an early pressing EP from Thailand with the red/black labels on the TK label


and from Australia this very early CD Live 1967 on the Axis label

In 1987 Rhino had just released only 2 CDs (Pool It & this one) in this new format.
So this might have been the first issued in Australia for the band.
Thanks to Ed Reilly for these pictures.