Finally found the final variation (I think) of the 1976 UK single ARISTA 63, Daydream Believer

This one has blue injection molded labels, which UK Arista used from 1977- 84.

Previous versions:



Found the '90s Japanese CD for Head (stock version) which I've been looking for

Now the only one I'm missing in the stock CD of Live 1967,
which just seems to be impossible to find.

Also picked up the ¥500 Sticker version of Loose Salute



Acquired a Daydream Believer that is still sealed; stapled in a store hanger.
I had another one of these that was open, but a still sealed copy is very rare.
Wish I could see which plant it was from.

These were used on peg hooks for stores that lacked racks for display.



Pleasant Valley Sunday error label:



The Warner Music Taiwan version of Good Times

Quite possibly the first legit release of the Monkees from Taiwan
as everything that was released in the 60s & 70s was a pirated needledrop.
But at that time there was no intellectual property agreement between the two countries.

It's extraordinary that this pressing has existed for so long (June 2016)
and it's existence was unknown.

The print run must have been very small as it seems most of Taiwan's CDs
are imported from Japan.



Added the three posters that were included in the initial offering of Rhino's Handmade
Deluxe Birds box set
(Photos courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Also new to the site is The Best Of Michael Nesmith from 1976
(Photos courtesy of Ed Reilly)

only released in Australia

and the UK

A nice retrospective on his RCA years.
The UK also re-released Silver Moon/Lady Of The Valley.


March 21:

On March 16 Andrew did another Instagram tease for the next Monkee project:

In this 23 second clip he showed these images while playing in the background
the Nesmith sung version of The Girl I Knew Somewhere.

He also did this when teasing the upcoming Run Out Groove reissue for the first LP

So would this be the bonus single for the Headquarters SDE?

Normally I would think it would it would be the next ROG release, Headquarters,
but the video shows the 7" button is pressed. Maybe it's a bonus single for that release.



Added a new page for 7A's newest Nez release

Great to see this given a proper 7A release!



Found the Japanese RCA EP sleeve SCP-1341 with the ¥600 printed on sleeve.
It's a combo of their third and fourth singles, making this one my favorite of them all.

The sleeve is kinda warped into an open position and didn't scan very well (too much foxing)
So I had to use a rock to hold it down.

Still missing two others: the first SCP-1302 (LTTC) and SCP-1348 (DB/SC), hopefully these exist &
will turn up for sale. As these were produced at the very end of the print run
they are the rarest versions to find.