April 30: Can't believe it but finally found the 9/10/66 ad that I just wrote about a few days ago! Woo hoo! Unbelievable. Also today I put up my Pisces Thailand TK record the one with the pic on the front. I finally found a good one, so many of them are printed offset and look terrible. Coming soon: more Thailand records.

April 27: Added a stock copy of the rather hard to find Japanese "That was then..." and another UK picture disc as well. Also finally found another Billboard ad and put that up. I'm only missing one now! 9/10/66 just never seems to come up for sale...

April 22: Scored all 5 records I was missing from Argentina, including the very elusive 4th EP. None have pic sleeves, so I was in no hurry to get them, but when you can save on postage :D Who knows when they'll come in....

Put up the promo I'm A Believer from Germany with the DJ sleeve.

Finally put photos up for Chile; I have a photo of all but one record.

April 18: Got some records on the way from Germany, Thailand, UK and Japan. Hopefully some of them will come in this week. Thailand always seems to take a month, even by airmail.

April 13: Added an Arista record to the UK section. Still looking to get the other 3.

April 10: Finished the Album section, I would like to update the main LP photos, but the info is all there. Scanned in 4 more Flashback records. For the Flashback records the first 3 were issued on a Bell/Arista transition type label (the copyright is Bell, but the company address is Arista) and the last 4 clearly and boldly say "ARISTA" right on the label. Now I some of each.

Added foreign pics for Davy and Micky.

April 6: Added a new tab: Albums. Sleeve and label variations for USA LPs. Only done 1st LP.

April 1: Added some pics to France, Sweden and Thailand.

Info on UK RCA "New Orthophonic High Fidelity" label variations.