Finally got in this unique Italian EP featuring "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You":


I don't know much about this or why it was made. On the label it says "Out of Print Edition" (In Italian). It has "RCA Italiana" on the label which was a subsidiary of RCA and mostly used to record and promote Italian artists. Since they switched to a blue label in '68 we know this record was produced before then. All 4 songs were released in '67, so the 'out of print' line is confusing.

I've never seen an Italian EP from the '60s before that had a Monkee song on it. The Hit-Parade style song selection indicates that it is either promotional or for a jukebox. The seller thought it might have been used by the label to have retailers review and decide what records they might want to order.

At the end of each of the 4 songs an Italian female speaker comes on to say the artist and song title, just like my other jukebox records. The other 3 songs (one is instrumental) are all sung in Italian.


I've noticed that my pages haven't been loading as quickly as they used to...so after trouble shooting it with my Go Daddy host I realized that the way I had been organizing my HTML pages were rather haphazard. It had never been an issue before I added CDs, Tapes, and LPs to my site. There are just tons and tons of pages for the CDs! (and still more on the way).

So I've spent the month of April and will continue in the coming months to re-organize the 6000 HTML pages for the entire site. It's a little hard to believe I have that many pages.

On the front end no one should notice anything different except if you book marked a page it might no longer work; but you can easily reset the bookmark. This home page will remain the same, but now the links inside each country will have their own folder and therefore be at a slightly different address. But hopefully the navigation should run a little smoother.

This gives me a chance to correct all the little errors I made in setting up the pages in the beginning; and I am noticing quite a few! I had never done a website from scratch before and the learning curve produced alot of trial and error!


More records on the way from Italy, Iran and Turkey, including some nice picture sleeves.



Found a real nice copy of the German HÖRZU Pisces LP


I've always liked this unique German cover because it showed the pics from the closing credits;
and of course, my favorite LP!


Justus Press Kit:



Found the only EP from Peru. The sleeve has a few wrinkles, but it is very hard to find and the labels look good.
I had the song order all wrong, because they are out of order on the picture sleeve.

There is no date, but since it has the orange RCA label, that would put its release in 1969, maybe 1970.

Like this German EP it has the usual hit songs with one oddity:
" A Man Without A Dream" a non-charting B-side, at least in the USA;
maybe they wanted to have a recent Davy ballad on there!

The picture sleeve is just so odd; probably the most unusual I've ever seen;
its like they crossed the Monkees with Scooby Doo.

Juventud en Orbita translates to "Youth In Orbit"
Saluda Hippies translates to "Your Hippies"

The Monkees were hippies from outer space?



The only records I've ever found from Ecuador, the first 2 promo singles.



and yet another one from the Philippines, "The Day We Fall In Love"???
never thought I'd find that on a 45!

Sometime In The Morning/
The Day We Fall In Love



Completely redid all the "CD singles" pages and added the "Mini and the Monkees" 8 song EP:

Between 1988 - 94, six CD3s (three-inch singles) were released and these have become fun to collect.
Most of the 5 inch CD singles are promos; except Germany which had a couple real nice 5-inch EPs in '88.

Altogether there are about 15 and I'm only missing two. But I do have scans of them
so they are all now represented in this section.


New record/sleeve from Thailand:

TK 37

This is the first Monkee record on the TK label and for the longest time I wasn't really sure it existed,
but finally found one last month.