After years of looking I finally found this Japanese pressing of "Then & Now".
This one has the guitar obi that matches the "Original Album Collection".



Mono BBM from Mexico:

My record came with the 'side 2' label on both sides
and nice to find this "Magnolia" note stuck in the LP jacket after all these years!

More LPs on the way from Spain, Australia, India, New Zealand, Japan and Puerto Rico.

I can confirm at least 31 countries released the Colgems/RCA LPs.



12 new promos added to the Philippines; these 5 I've never seen before:

Despite what the label says, "Listen To The Band" is a 1:43 edit that fades out
before the guitar solo and crowd noise comes in. Very weird!

Completely redid the Philippines page, too many records!
Now the 36 records are organized according to 3 different catalog numbers.


Tremeloes on this Mono Gram PS from Iran; B-side has 'Steppin Stone:



Mono Pisces LP from Israel:

and Australia:

These both have the same mono mixes as the USA.


Also I am expanding my LP sections to include all known info about each countries releases
and any pics I've found from the net. I'm just continuing what Seeknom's
and other older websites started years ago. It's too expensive to buy all the foreign LPs,
but I can at least list their catalog numbers and any photos I've found over the years.

The interesting thing is figuring out which countries released records in stereo only such as Germany
or mono only, like Brazil or both stereo and mono (USA, Australia, Mexico, etc.)

Finished what I know about Germany.
And thanks to Kai Dressler for his promo "More Of The Monkees".


Added this label variation for Germany's Daydream Believer where,
just like the USA, they added the "Arranged and Conducted by Shorty Rogers" credit
at the end of the press run:

Original and Revised Labels



Nez meets the old west:

I'd rather have a pic of the band, but RCA wanted to express what he was singing about.
They did the same thing for his other singles; here is the one for Silver Moon:



An incredible second picture sleeve for this hard-to-find Peru EP:


Pisces LP from Mexico:

I'm trying to find the 'Pisces' LP from every country. More on the way from Israel and Australia.
Plus 'Birds' from Mexico.

Also more singles from the Philippines, Peru, Australia and Iran.


An ad from a Belgium newspaper for "Last Train To Clarksville"

Thanks to Lisa Manekofsky for this great ad!
The single is below (March 10).




Found a real nice copy of "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Songbook -

All the pictures inside and the back cover are from their movie, "Head".



Nez ad from NY's The Village Voice:


Pisces LP from Brazil:



Rainy Jane sheet music:


Thailand TK 103 with the pink sleeve: