A 3 pack CD from Warner Special Products:

From 2002 with no liner notes. A nice set from Timelessmusic.com.
Retail was $24.99. Mostly sold online and at Costco.

I think I still need one more greatest hit set to have all the USA CDs.


Found a later Japanese promo pressing of Nez's "Silver Moon"
that also includes the B-side "Lady Of The Valley":



'Pisces' and 'Present' in mono from Argentina:


Both are unfortunately in that fake mono, but the reason to buy
these are the unique jackets.

The 'Pisces' LP has a blurb on it "Disco Para El Verano"
which translates to 'record for the summer'.
The same image is on the Daydream Believer PS:

It threw me for a loop because both of these were released
in November 1967, but then I remembered that they are in South America
which has opposite seasons from us, so it really was summer for them!

Argentina along with Canada, Mexico, Japan and the Philippines are the only
countries outside the USA to even release the 'Present' album
as it got very poor world-wide distribution.



Well another Rhino cassette from the 90's popped up on ebay last week:

The BMG club version, but still nice to find a copy of this one.
The tape still sounds great.



Got another copy of the 'Pisces' LP, this time from Greece:



Found the CD version of the 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits:

and the promo VHS tape as well

The songs on the CDs had no new mixes and the video was also recycled
from other tapes. So with nothing new most fans passed on these mail order
only sets, making them harder to find today.



Head on cassette:

Head has only been issued on cassette twice, by Rhino in '85
and then this one in '94.

The Rhino cassettes from the '90s are almost as hard as finding the
Colgems tapes from the '60s. They had been replaced by CDs, which came
with more songs and liner notes, so nobody was buying them (myself included).
This is only the third one I've tracked down, of the original 9 reissues.


And found a much better copy of this Mexican EP:

This was the 17th EP (out of 19) and the second one from Instant Replay.
Mike got a lotta love on this one!



Also from Akira these records from Lebanon:

A very unusual Bell record with a red label!

I also updated the Lebanon page to be like the others.



Thanks to Akira Suzuki I have added the 2 missing Japanese Bell EPs:

These mini LPs have cardboard sleeves and the liner notes
are filled with cool info about the band (in Japanese) and the lyrics in English.

It is weird to see the "Instant Replay" cover with the title "The Monkees Present"
on there, but Japan just combined most of the last few singles onto one record.



Acquired the one single I was missing from Bolivia:

"Dream World/The Poster"

I've only found 3 singles and one EP from there. The copyright says 1978
on the label but that is weird because by then they were on Arista Records, not RCA.

Also updated the Bolivia page, so it should be like the rest.


Here is the first solo Davy Jones record from Australia:

"Rainy Jane/Welcome To My Love"

EMI pressed and distributed Bell Records in Australia,
the UK and elsewhere.


And from the Netherlands this 1980 EP:

This same record was released in Australia, Italy and the UK.