Reorganized Davy's USA Bell singles now arranged by pressing plants.

Also added a couple promos from the Monarch pressing plants-

The first one is a nice copy of Davy's last Bell single "I'll Believe In You"


And this one is a double sided stereo promo for "Rainy Jane"

Most of the promos and all of stock copies were released in mono.
That makes this stereo only record really unique; it must have been geared
toward getting some airplay on the FM stations.



Just got in some Rhino catalogs from 1986 & 87

These helped me confirm release dates for the reissues from the 80s,
"Live 1967" & the first "Missing Links" releases.
All these pages have been updated.

Also created a page for the unreleased Rhino LP "The Rest Of..."
which was to be released in September 1986 with the reissue of "Changes".


Cool new find for Micky: a press packet from Romar records:



An update (sorta) from Andrew Sandoval regarding the Monkees Blu-Ray TV set:


This Initially (as of March 15, 2019) appeared to be sold out.

However on December 11, 2019 Rhino sent an email out saying these were back in stock
and available for sale. But the website did not allow you to add the item to your cart,
so you couldn't purchase it. I wrote Rhino about this and they never wrote me back.

Later Andrew confirmed that these were in fact NOT sold out.
Rhino only sold through the assembled box sets and it was more of a money/labor issue
why the others were not put together and offered for sale.

Now today, Andrew had this to say on one of his eBay listings:

"Only a few thousand of these sets were released to the public via Rhino mail order
and on tour. People always ask me when they will be available again
and I will tell you the absolute truth: I do not know and I am kinda doubting
with the world in lockdown it will happen at all. I have asked Rhino and they say they
can no longer find the unassembled parts for these."



Updated the Monkees Re-Focus page to reflect releases per pressing plants:

Bestway Products (commonly found)


Monarch Records: (commonly found but the promo is rare)


Also updated & reorganized the 7A Records pages for Davy & Micky so they are
easily located and each release is on a separate page.



Updated the "The Mike & Micky Show" page with full pictures from the CD

Something I just noticed was that the logo found on the bass drum
is the same one as found on their "Good Clean Fun" picture sleeve.



Updated Davy's Bell LP page with record labels now divided by pressing plants:

Bestway Products: (promo copies have the all red text on the label)
Found on the label with the catalog number suffix "6067-SA-BW"


Monarch Records: (promo copies have red & black text on the label)
Look for a "MR" in the dead wax.


Allentown Records
Look for an "AL" in the dead wax.

Thanks to Ed Reilly for sharing his photos of the
Allentown labels & his promo copy of the Monarch Records pressing.




An unusual find from the UK: a solid-center version of "Daddy's Song/Porpoise Song"

Nez has a solid center for "Nevada Fighter", but this is my first for the Monkees.
I have no idea whether these were accidents or not.




Just found this "Someday Man/Listen To The Band" on an orange label from Australia;
this was previously only known to exist on the old RCA black labels:


This was also done for "Mommy & Daddy/Good Clean Fun"
But these are easier to find in both colors.