Added the recently released Pisces LP from Argentina.
The 16 page booklet with photos makes it a really unique item
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Also added some Arista releases to the Argentina LP section

ROG Transparent Green Vinyl
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)


A recent discovery of the Japanese Headquarters:
¥1,950 price on one and a sticker of ¥1,750 on another.

Trying to figure out what the mistaken price is under that sticker.



It looks like the Blu-Ray TV show set is sold out aain.
It was only available for sale for what, 10 days?

I'm thinking they stopped selling it when the realized that the booklets were messed up
(missing pages, out of order, etc). Hopefully they fix that and start selling them again.



More Of The Monkees added to the Run Out Groove page
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares & Ed Reilly)

No pictures yet of the green vinyl version, I don't even know the catalog number for it.
But hopefully pictures for that version will be coming soon.
Also unknown is how many they pressed for each color.


Thanks to Ed Reilly I was able to grab this 1970 Fan Club Postcard
with the incorrect song title Oh My, Oh My:

Only a handful of these are known to have survived.

Created a new page just for these postcards in the advertisement section



The TV Show Blu-Ray set is now back in stock at Rhino for the original price of $199.98.



First single found from Port of Spain, Trinidad, WI (West Indies);
officially it's "Trinidad & Tobago"

Very, very small pressings for these Caribbean records.

Previously, collectors have only found the LPs Headquarters
& The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees.


The Run Out Groove pressing for More Of The Monkees is out in stores,
but apparently has not begun shipping to individual collectors yet.


Just announced: another Nez reissue by 7A records:

Tantamount To Treason Volume 1 with a brand new cover by the same artist (Wilson McLean)
who did the original cover.

Preorder now at Deep Discount.
It has a June 3 release date.



Found this clear cassette version for Arista's Greatest hits


Clear tapes began to be a thing in May of 1985 with the Dire Straits release
Brothers In Arms. (According to this blog page) Soon other record companies,
including Arista, followed suit.

In July 1987 Arista stopped shipping this release (Billboard 7-12-86) not wanting
to compete against their new compilation, Then & Now...The Best Of The Monkees.


France produced a series black label jukebox singles for their first 7 hits and for some reason
switched the A-B sides on 4 of them. It wouldn't really affect how you dropped your dime in the machine
to hear it play, but for some reason RCA Victor decided to correct this, at least for one title:

StewMac has found a revised record for Alternate Title where it is the A-side
or "Face 1", as they called it.

Were the others corrected as well? The hunt is on to try and find out.

First version

Second version



Nesmith's Magnetic South Quad 8 before RCA shortened the name to Q8
and stopped using the full cover artwork slipcovers

This slipcover was only manufactured for 6 to 9 months before being discontinued
thereafter they were sold like this:


Also finished the page for Nesmith UK LPs

and finally finished Micky's page for his recent EP Dolenz Sings Nesmith
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares & Ed Reilly)