As this is the 55th Anniversary of the Birds LP, Friday Records recently hinted that
they were going to release this LP in mono as a standalone.
Previouly this only available as a part of their 5 LP Mono Box Set.


Rhino is offering up some tie in shirts, poster & a mug for sale as well:


Recent finds:

The Italian version of this RCA Stereo 8:

Exciting Performances Of Monkees & Beatles Hit Songs



and from Spain...Pool It! on cassette



Re-Focus from Japan (April 1973) original sold at ¥2,100. Jesus Galeote found
a later pressing with the updated price change to ¥2,300 as a sticker on the jacket.
Japan changed the prices beginning in January 1974.


Now Michael Sievers has found one with the ¥2,300 printed on jacket.
Bell Japan reissued all nine of their studio albums in 1973-74,
so it's not too surprising that this LP got a second printing.

In addition, the ¥2,100 price found inside the gatefold was removed altogether:



All the photos for Nez's Ranch Stash on the 7A label
(Courtesy of Ben Belmares)



Found a black cartridge version of the RCA music service version for Then & Now...


Insert found in later mono copies of More Of The Monkees from Mexico
(Courtesy of Michael Sievers)

It says this record is compatible with all turntables (meaning stereo).
This kind of note didn't appear on US records until the Head soundtrack (November 1968).

Added a new page for the Arista LP Greatest Hits from Spain.



As of today The Headquarters SDE is still listed as in stock at Monkees.com.
However a few people are reporting that orders placed in February & March
have still not shipped, so this may indeed be sold out.



New addition to the South Africa RCA page, photos of the incredibly rare Barrel Full of Monkees LP
(Courtesy of Stephen Wright)

The labels showed up a few years back on Discogs. However the person submitting
them did not have the jacket and thought they were from Australia.
After some discussion we thought they actually were from South Africa
and Stephen's recent acquisition confirms this.

Other countries, such as the Philippines, may have also released this,
but no copies have ever surfaced.

After 50+ years new discoveries are still being made!



Added much better photos of the elusive Davy Jones Presents Dickie Goodman record
(Pictures courtesy of Ed Reilly)

Now the hunt is on for a promo copy.


The Monkees Mini-LP Scoop picture sleeve with an "only 99p" sticker.
No idea what the original price for this was.
(Photo courtesy of Rikizo Komori)


The Nez Ranch Stash reissue from 7A was released last Friday,
which was a little early and a nice surprise. Hopefully some pictures coming soon!