Recent sales on ebay for significant Monkee records:

May 05: Sealed HQ mono producers $54
May 13: Sealed HQ stereo $46.78
May 13: Sealed BBM stereo $100
May 14: Sealed Meet mono RE $146.16 !!!
May 14: Sealed Meet mono RE $108.76 !!
May 19: Sealed Pisces stereo $34.99
May 22: Sealed HQ mono producers $40.42
May 22: Sealed BBM stereo $19.99 ! (so low)
May 24: Sealed Davy Jones 2nd Solo no cut outs $19.99
May 25: Sealed More stereo $69.00
May 27: Davy Jones 'Girl' single $89.88
May 27: Head radio spots LP $168.50
May 31: Sealed More mono $256.67 Insanity!!!!!

I bought a sealed More mono in January for $46.

What a way to end the month!

I think I'll do these sales figures every month!


May 27: Upgraded my Type 4 Last Train PS. Finally found a NM copy! My last one was EX but pretty faded. The record was unplayed!, a rarity for that single. With so many up for sale on ebay its tough to sort through them day after day, week after week, month after month to find a gem like this, but it finally paid off. The seller said it was kept separate from the record; it was basically a file copy.

May 24: StewMac photos: Bolivia 9158, a New Zealand PS! (GCF), Iran's Royal 2 EP Record Set, and Thailand's MTR 144 and RTA 895. Cleaned up the Peru page....now listing alternant sleeves (many by StewMac).

May 22: Finally found a Canadian pic sleeve for "That Was Then" ...its amazing that besides the UK and Germany that is one tough sleeve to find. I suspect Australia has one as well, but I've never seen one.

May 14: Cleaned up the Thailand section and added some pics.

May 12: Reorganized Italy and added some promo pics. The Valleri promo just has a sticker on it. But the earlier ones had unique labels and numbering system. I just won a PVS, so I can get a good close-up pic of that one.

May 6: In the USA, the Valleri single did not get a promo record or picture sleeve, but there was an ad placed in Billboard that used original artwork found here that is probably what would have been issued and in fact was issued here in Thailand, of all places, cobbled together with the Inner Light/Lady Madonna picture sleeve from the Beatles...found here.

Finally completed my Billboard ads with the Sept. 10th issue.

Put up a couple more Argentina records and added a nice PS from StewMac for the 4th EP so now that country is done.

I try to collect everything from each country even up through the 80's. They are not making them any more (except Rhino's Handmade promo records) so there has to be a finite number of records out there right?, though I continue to find records I never new existed like the above Thailand's TK 219 with the Monkees/Beatles shared PS, the only one of its kind, as far as I can tell, in existence.

Most countries only featured one artist per record. Thailand which primarily put out records (up until 1975) for the servicemen at the air force bases stationed there, usually featured two or more artists per record along with Iran who did likewise. In addition, Iran pretty much purged all those records in the 80's when the revolution transformed that country. That sets up the records that exist from these 2 countries as harder to find and desirable by multiple fan bases.

Every time I see a Beatles record sold I'm thankful I decided not to collect them! You can add a zero to the end of any near mint Monkees record to figure what an average near mint Beatles record goes for.


May 4: Added 3 more Argentina records. My South American box is getting too full. Time for a new box!

May 3: Here's hoping Rhino Handmade puts out a new edition of Instant Replay with a bonus 45 (you know I love those).