May 18:

Updates for the site: Added a readers comments section; also updated want list, site map and update history. Moved the below Davy Jones single to a new page for Friday Music.


MAY 16:

New Davy Jones single Girl/Rainy Jane from Friday Music! Green vinyl and limited to only a 1000 copies; it sold out in about 8 hours. Supposed to ship May 29th.


MAY 9:

Added another Canadian Bell record this time from the Golden Treasure Series (1973). Easy to recognize with the gold labels but very hard to find!

Also added a Theme/Mary, Mary from Turkey and a Valleri/Tapioca Tundra from Ireland.

Found a Rhino Billboard ad from 2006 thanking Neil Diamond for his contributions to the Monkees. Lists all 4 songs he wrote for them.

Finally found a sealed copy of the first USA EP.


MAY 4:

Found another variation among the Colgems circle labels, this time for Valleri. I'm going to call this one Type 2 with the time found at the bottom in the white, along with the Screen Gems info. Valleri and Pleasant Valley Sunday are the hardest singles to find with this Colgems circle style label.