MAY 27: Memorial Day.

Finished all the behind the scenes work so there should be no dead links. Hopefully the site will run a little smoother.

Added the Original Album Series box set. Great way to pick up the first 5 CDs, but without any extras.

Tomorrow Friday Music releases "Justus" on CD/DVD. I'm not in a big hurry to get it, but eventually I'll add it the site.


MAY 24:

Found the "Oh My My" sleeve from Turkey!

Also found 4 more singles from Turkey with some unique cuts:

"Your Auntie Grizelda"
"The Day We Fall In Love"
"The Kind Of Girl I Could Love" and more...all from the "More Of The Monkees" LP.

An EP from El Salvador:

And Nez's first post Monkees single, "Little Red Rider", an unplayed warehouse find!


MAY 11:

Two new ones from Iran...on the Monogram label a Raquel Welch picture sleeve,
featuring "Words" and "Pleasant Valley Sunday":


I first ran across this on yellow vinyl around 5 years ago, but didn't win it.
Now I finally found one, but its not on yellow vinyl.
I've seen a few records on yellow and red vinyl from Iran. Weird.

A new label discovered for Iran...Golden Record:

A very nice EP from Headquarters.


Also found a real cool unused ticket from 1969:


An original Arista cassette from 1976 (no UPC):


MAY 5:

And from Turkey, a PS with a not-so-great tracing of the first LP cover:

Tear Drop City/A Man Without A Dream


MAY 3:

Won a Japanese test copy of Davy's first post-Monkees single "Rainy Jane/Welcome To My Love"


Test copies were made so everyone could listen and approve the final record before stock/promo copies were made. Test copy labels are usually blank (like side 2), so its interesting to see the Japanese writing on there (which I can't read),
but what makes it really special is that Davy himself signed it.

This copy, numbered 8 of 21, was initially sold a few years ago by Davy through his ebay store; and now I own it.


MAY 2:

Found the last one from Italy: the "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" jukebox single.
Of the 3 orange label 'special edition' records, this has been by far the most difficult to find.
But Italy is now complete!


Still have more records on the way from Turkey, Iran, Peru, El Salvador and Japan!


MAY 1:

Monkees on tour again!! "A Midsummer's Night With The Monkees"; but wouldn't a better name be
"The Door Into Summer"??? Anyway, got me some tickets for each of the shows in Texas, should be a fantastic road trip!

Also announced the new "The Monkees Present" Box Set!

I'm hoping for a promo 45 again!

Box set comes with the concert VIP ticket or you can pre-order it on May 9th at the Monkees.com new revamped website!