MAY 27:

Found a really nice copy of their first LP from Spain that uses the front of their second LP:

This one is in mono and Instant Replay is stereo,
but I don't know if they issued mono/stereo for each release.



MAY 24:

New promo records from Chile...for some odd reason, its harder to find records from there.
Here are a couple new ones and a better copy of 'Last Train'.
Take A Giant Step (like Peru) is listed as the A-side:


MAY 20:

Saved from someone's trash can, this badly beaten up Missing Links Volume 1 long box:

This one and "Live 1967" are tough to find.


"Do It In The Name Of Love" (minus the photo cover) sheet music from 1976.


MAY 18:

Found a record from Jamaica!
I've never even heard of any records pressed there as far as the Monkees go.
The label is pretty scratched up, but you can just make out the country in the credits.



MAY 15:

New promos from the Philippines:

"Love Is Only Sleeping" was intended to be the fifth Monkees' single (Daydream Believer as the B-side),
but those plans were scrapped and instead they released "Daydream Believer/Goin' Down".


Cool blurb from a UK paper mentioning the upcoming single "Love Is Only Sleeping".


From India "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Mono LP

This mono version has the same mix as the USA.

In buying these Mono BBM records I'm finding out what I thought I knew
to be true, was incomplete or inaccurate. So I tossed out everything and started from scratch.

The countries I've been able to confirm that have the true mono mix:


Countries that have a mono fold-over of the stereo mix:


Countries that only issued LPs in stereo:


Unknown or Unconfirmed:

New Zealand
Puerto Rico
South Africa

The songs I used to confirm the mono version are

"Dream World" Davy's vocal has reverb (echo)
"Auntie's Municipal Court" second guitar (at the intro) is EXTREMELY LOUD
"Tapioca Tundra" the whistling on the intro lasts about 3 seconds longer (this is the same version found on the single)

These are best heard listening with your headphones and when you go back and forth
between the stereo and mono LPs (or the Rhino BBM box set).

If you have these Mexican EPs you can also listen to the mono mix of the above 3 songs:


MAY 10:

"Last Train" promo from Peru:

According to the inscription in the dead wax, the traditional sides are actually reversed
with "Take A Giant Step" as the A-side. I went back and checked my stock copy and it is the same.

Also for this promo, both labels are on the wrong side!


'Pisces' LPs from Puerto Rico:


and New Zealand:


"Changes" from Venezuela:

Venezuela is one of the few countries to issue all the LPs through Changes.

The only ones I know for sure that issued Changes:

New Zealand
South Africa


More records on the way from Canada, India, Spain, Philippines and Chile.


MAY 6:

Picked up another "Guard Scene" promo LP this one features "Valleri/Tapioca Tundra" from April 1968.

You can listen to the Davy & Peter interview here.


MAY 5:

Pisces from India:


MAY 2:

Rhino's 30th Anniversary double cassette tape compilation -

I'd never heard of this set until recently; it was a mail order set from Rhino
and I guess I missed it back in '96. Hopefully I'll find the CD too.

Here's a pic of the CD and Ben Belmares send this great review
from Monkee Business Fanzine.


MAY 1:

Australia LPs:

"Instant Replay"

I don't see this one or "Changes" very often and I don't think I've ever seen
"The Monkees Present" from Australia. Has anyone?

More promo singles: