MAY 26: New this week...

A unique blue cassette version of Arista's "Greatest Hits":

GRT's main business was manufacturing tapes, but on the side I guess they
released them as well. They issued this one also as an 8-track (which is easier to find).
They should have released it on reel to reel, now that would have been really something!

The 1972 date is when Bell records originally released this LP calling it "Refocus".
Arista reissued that record with this new cover in 1976 so this blue cassette version
was released sometime between then and when GRT went bankrupt in 1979.


The 1996 Rhino CRC cassette version of "The Monkees Present":

Previously only the stock version was known to exist.


Promotional Flyer and Poster for the 1986 Rhino reissue program:



MAY 19: New this week...

Michael's "Silver Moon" promo stamped from Mexico:


An uncut sheet of jukebox strips for " A Little Bit Me..."


Davy Jones Live from Japan:


Completely updated Kid Rhino's comp "Barrelful of Monkees" with both
stock CD versions, gold stamped promo and Colombia record club versions:


MAY 12:

Found yet another new label (the tenth) for the Monkees in Thailand;
Top Teen Talent with "I Wanna Be Free" from 1974:


Also found a rather marked-up promo from the Philippines "It's Nice To Be With You".
That song charted at #1 in August 1968 for the Monkees. Davy was really popular there.

I saw this exact same record 5 years ago on ebay but for some reason didn't win it.
Since then I haven't run across any more copies so I didn't let it get away this time.