MAY 30:

Finally found the "Valleri" picture sleeve from Uruguay,
this one is promo stamped as well:

This was one of 4 pictures sleeves I was missing.
The others:

Austria 66-1002

Picture Credit: Manfred Schmidt

This is for many collectors their Holy Grail
as so few were manufactured.


Japan BLPD-15

Picture Credit: Akira Suzuki

The last Bell EP, not many sold apparently.
Has to be the rarest Japanese commercially available record.


Thailand MTR-144

Picture credit: Stew Mac

Honestly this shouldn't be that hard to find,
I've just been unlucky at securing one.


And here are a couple Japanese EPs with the ¥600 sticker
I recently picked up:


This has been a busy week as the international mail system has largely
opened back up after being shut down for the last two months.


MAY 27:

Finally located a copy of this Italian promo (rear) sleeve
for "I'm A Believer"


And some press releases:

"More Of The Monkees" from the USA


and from Germany "Last Train To Clarksville"


MAY 24:

Micky Dolenz's "Live In Japan" CD

Thanks to Ben Belmares for these photos!


MAY 21:

Found three more reissued Rhino cassettes from the 90s
that used the cassettes from the 80s but with an updated UPC sticker
& catalog number.

The 'Pisces' is of particular interest since they never produced any
with the updated artwork, but were listed in the Rhino catalogs
at that time as available to order.


A test copy of the "Pool It" cassette:

The original running order was different


A cassette test copy of the Rhino comp CD "Missing Links Vol. 2"


Rhino promo samplers also for "Missing Links Vol. 2"
& the "Listen To The Band" box set.


MAY 17:

More pictures from Rikizo Komori:

A promo copy of the Gold Disc "Theme/Daydream Believer"

This was one of three Japanese singles that I had not seen a promo copy for
(the others being RCA's "Oh My My" and Arista's Gold Disc "Last Train To Clarksville").

Curiously the label is the exact same as the stock copy except for the
Kanji characters "Not For Sale" in a box.


Promo copy of Davy's pre-Monkees record on the PYE label.


Nesmith's "Blue Angels" promo single on the TAM label.



MAY 16:

Reader Rikizo Komori sent me some incredible pictures of
previously unknown variations for the Japanese RCA & Bell records:

An end-of-the-print-run records:

RCA Daydream Believer sleeve with the ¥400 price printed directly on it

This original was at ¥370 then later a ¥400 sticker was added


later pressings of RCA EPs with the price change to ¥600


The corrected spelling of "Monkees" on the "Mommy & Daddy" label.
The promo & stock were misspelled and I never knew RCA corrected this!

An RCA promo flyer issued in early 1967 -


The 'No Gloss' versions of these Gold Disc Bell releases:



MAY 9:

Acquired some test copies of promotional singles


Found one more reissued Rhino cassette from the 90s
that used the cassette from the 80s but with an updated UPC sticker
& catalog number.


New flexis from Poland

I've never before seen a complete Monkees
single (A & B sides) on one Flexi before.
Thanks to Andrew Sandoval for these!


Found a copy of "Live 1967" on cassette
with a hole-punch in the spine; could this be a promo?