MAY 31:

Broke up the Colgems Stereo 8 pages. Now they are arranged by title instead of
clam shell vs paperboard. The pages were just gettting too long and I keep finding
reissued clam shell titles with paperboard sleeves.


Recently found this Oliver cassette and added it to the Colgems page:

Original cassetes with the paper labels are just so hard to find.


MAY 29

Finally got my CD of Dolenz Sings Nesmith


Also found a copy of Rhino's press release for
the deluxe sets of HQ & Pisces:

And Andrew's promotional notes that he sent out
via the Monkees mailing list:


MAY 25:

Found a NM copy of their second LP from Spain:

Contains 3 of their singles + 8 tunes from HQ:

I'm A Believer/Steppin Stone
Alternate Title/Forget That Girl
Pleasant Valley Sunday/Words

Very fun to listen to...such a great slice of their best stuff!


MAY 24:

Updated the "Coming Soon" section below. I'm still hopeful of a HQSDE this later this year.

Added Friday Music's newest pre-order:

Pisces in mono on Aqua vinyl


MAY 21:

Andrew's updated Monkees Day By Day book is now available for pre-orders.
They all look fantastic, I ordered one of each edition. Orders close on June 30.


MAY 17:

Reader Jesus Galeote from Spain sent me these pictures for the
promo copy of the rare 3rd Japanese single from DJB&H.

I've never seen a promo copy before and this provides the release date
for this one: August 5, 1976.


Also added this from Jesus: Micky Dolenz solo single from Spain:


MAY 13:

I was looking for promo copies of Micky's upcoming Dolenz Sings Nesmith
when I came across this one:


MAY 4:

Reader Jesus Galeote from Spain shared his promo Last Train sleeve
which confirms that this was the first one issued. It is dated August 19, 1966.

I've updated the Last Train page.


The Different Drum release courtesy of Ben Belmares


MAY 1:

Completed my D,J,B&H singles with this third one from Japan