June 28: Finally found a French copy of Tear Drop City, that has been at the top of my want list for so long; I never would have thought that it would be so hard to find. Really, the last few singles for any one country can be tough to find but France being right there with Germany and the UK, I would have thought more copies would be out there.

Added Alternate Title/Forget That Girl to Ireland and have confirmed the catalog number for I'm A Believer as ERC 1560.

June 22: Updated this index page and all of the USA Colgems pages. Now you can look at all the USA picture sleeve variations on one page here.

Some ebay sales for June:

June 15: Portugal TP-396 $60.10
June 15: Portugal TP-397 $60.10
June 14: Pisces stereo sealed $48
June 3: Colgems circle label Daydream Believer (VG) $45
June 2: Colgems circle label Last Train To Clarksville (NM) $75
June 2: Colgems circle label I'm A Believer (NM) $75

June 12: Every year I find that June is a really slow month for collecting, so many are on vacation.

Added a better pick of GCF for Turkey and got the 4th and final single on the Davy Jones Presents label, but the 3rd single by Dickie Goodman, is proving rather hard to find.

June 4: Big Week! Added some new scans of Davy Jones's Girl and on his vanity label: a promo! Also a stock copy of Bill Chadwick's Talking To The Wall/If You Have The Time! Look for that one under Michael Nesmith, as he produced it.

June 3: Found another variation on the USA labels! This time it is with the reissue label, you know the Colgems circular label that was reissued in 1969, well it looks like there are 2 variations for the Daydream Believer record. That means I have counted (including promos) 9 unique label variations for this record!

So far I see that the time and the UZKM # have switched places to either side of the hole and the producer credit is moved. Instead of saying "Arranged and Conducted by Shorty Rogers" it says "Arr. and Cond. by Shorty Rogers" with the overall font size being a bit larger.

The later records featuring this type label...Someday Man, Good Clean Fun and Oh My My, and all have running changes making them slightly different, but no variations within each record.

June 1: Put a couple pics up for Greece: I'm A Believer and Circle Sky.

Moved the "My Favorite Monkee" record to the "Davy Jones Presents" page, since I now firmly believe that this record was created in conjunction with a contest promoting Davy's new record label.