JUNE 27:

Finally got that Davy Jones single in from Friday Records!


Also found a Davy Jones "My Favorite Monkee" with BOTH versions of the label on one record.



JUNE 21:

Found a very nice promo single from Spain for "Daydream Believer", normally I don't collect promos from other countries, because it gets to me a little too much $$$; but this one had a promo picture with a letter on the reverse to be read by the DJ on air, perhaps. Of course its in Spanish, so I tried to translate which is at the bottom of the page.



JUNE 6: Finally got the last (known) one from Iran's Top 4 label:

EX 4185

Also found an alt blue sleeve for EX 4144; I wonder how many of the other Top 4 pic sleeves come in two colours?

EX 4144