JUNE 14: Thanks to Ben Belmares I've added the VHS box set from 1995:

I had taped all the episodes off MTV (remember "I was a teenage Monkee"?) in the '80s so I passed on this when it came out but it looks like I missed out on some great liner notes. Now I finally get to read them. So enjoy.



Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart from Denmark:




Thanks to Ben Belmares I've added the Blu-Spec CD2 to the Davy Jones Japanese page:



Saw Peter Tork last weekend in Houston, fantastic show! Nice to see Peter still has his chops and does a nice tight set; with good banter and discussion between songs. Andrew Sandoval was there running the video and I got to talk to him before and after the performance. He is still putting together the Present box set! I suggested some of my photos for the box set, but there really aren't any great foreign picture sleeves for that LP. Maybe the Turkey 'Mommy And Daddy'. Maybe.

Here is his set list that Andrew let me take a pic of:


Just put up the Justus CD/DVD. Thanks to Ben Belmares for the pics.


Two sleeves for Valleri in Peru, blue or yellow. These may have come from different pressing plants.



I'm still trying to collect all of Nez's 45s on the RCA label. Here is the reissue for Silver Moon/Joanne.
Oddly there is a black and a red label version. I think the red one came second and is harder to find.



Just got the cassette version of the box set "Listen To The Band". Most of the pics are from Ben Belmares, but he was missing a tape and so in the interest of being 'complete', as my obsession will often take me; I picked up a set for myself.


Also found a really nice copy of the 'Pisces' LP from France: