JUNE 28:

A mono copy of "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" from Australia!

This is my fifth version that shares the USA mono mix:


There are probably other countries too, but they are unconfirmed
(at least for me) till I can get my hands on a copy.
Australia has to be the most common of the bunch.

I've been told Puerto Rico also has this same mix; but I was also told that about Brazil,
and it is a fold over, so I'll believe it when I hear it!


JUNE 26:

New record from Egypt!

I've known they existed but had never seen one before.

Thanks to gold_mandela at 45cat for these pics!


JUNE 24:

I bought a Simon & Garfunkel "Bookends" jukebox EP and after doing some research on it,
I realized it really isn't a true EPs at all. Within the industry, these were called "Little LPs".

The cool thing is that with that little tidbit of info I was able to find the release dates for both
records that were put out by the Monkees.

So I've redone this Colgems section.


Also here is the last Canadian sleeve; the corrected version
with the B-side "The Girl I Knew Somewhere".


I also got this non Monkees sleeve which on the back lists the
RCA top ten for the week of February 20, 1967:

"I'm A Believer" is #1 and "Last Train To Clarksville" is #7.
These would have been the top singles that RCA was promoting; not the overall Canadian singles charts.


JUNE 19:

I just got in the famous Canadian "She Hangs Out" promo only sleeve:

The only country to issue this record. Released and subsequently withdrawn,
all within a a couple weeks or so. Don Kirshner gets fired.....
A strange artifact from a pivotal point in the Monkees history.

JUNE 17:

Advance promo from the UK for "Valleri":


JUNE 14:

A red vinyl version of this Mono Gram EP from Iran:

Thats Raquel Welch on the cover.


JUNE 13:

A newly discovered promo picture sleeve from Canada for "I'm A Believer".

These are scarce because each radio station would get one sleeve
and most DJs didn't value them enough to save.

The number "66-49" on the reverse I believe indicates it was
from the 49th week of 1966, putting it in the DJs hands the first week of December.
Three weeks later it hit #1 on December 26.


JUNE 12:

Promo "Pleasant Valley Sunday" from Germany:

Unfortunately no promo picture sleeve with this one.


JUNE 11:

A promo copy of "Changes" from Australia:

Its dated October 1970, 4 months after the USA release.


An early (May 1970) greatest hits comp from Italy:

This LP has a unique rotoscope cover & the only stereo version of
"Tema Dei Monkees", the TV show theme sung in Italian by Micky.

The LP version clocks in at just under a minute, whereas this single features
the full version in mono at 2:16.


More records on the way from Iran, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan and Peru.



Fan Club post card for "Oh My, My" from April 1970:

These were the final two promotional items from the Monkees;
as I've never found anything for their last LP "Changes".

Billboard May 30, 1970


Rhino Catalog from 1996:


A tri-center Pleasant Valley Sunday from Rhodesia: