JUNE 24:

Site update with the new logo above and switched out the picture sleeves
with two from Spain. I've always really liked that Valleri sleeve and the other
is a nice variation on the Instant Replay LP.

Also added a button on the left for Norway.


JUNE 23:

Updated all the USA albums. I removed the vinyl around the labels
(except colored vinyl) for a cleaner look and updated each page
with some minor fixes.

Annotated the Colgems Label Variations page.


JUNE 20:

Three new ones from Rhodesia:

"(Theme From) The Monkees/I Wanna Be Free"

"A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You/The Girl I Knew Somewhere"


"Daydream Believer/Goin' Down"

For years I thought these were from South Africa, because both use the
exact same numbering system and no country info is on the labels.
The triangle center is the only difference.


JUNE 15:

D. W. Washburn from Turkey:

This was the last one I was missing from Turkey and it's weird that
it was a record like this, that is not all that valuable,
and yet it was just so impossible to find.


JUNE 12:

Found a fantastic copy of this RCA EP "I Wanna Be Free" from Australia:

This was one of two Davy Jones 'best of' EPs released by Australia in October 1969.
I think when the single "Good Clean Fun/Mommy And Daddy" (also 10/69) was released
and it didn't have any Davy songs on it, they decided to correct that mistake!


JUNE 10:

An RCA French promo sampler, "Sono Flash":

I've seen similar records in Germany,
but this is the first one I've run across from France.

This has 30 second song clips of various RCA artists, and for the Monkees
a voice comes on to say "#1 in Cash Box" which actually happened on April 22, 1967.



Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart promo from Australia
with their second and final single.

"I Love You (And I'm Glad That I Said It)"


Another promo, this time from Argentina.
First time I've seen a picture sleeve promo stamped.

"Pleasant Valley Sunday"



The Record World ads are some of the hardest to track down because
of their lower circulation. Here is one I found last week for their 12th single,
"Oh My My":

I've never found any ads for their LP "Changes" so I think this was the very
last one for the original group.

The picture & caption are interesting because it's like they are saying
'hey our show is still on TV, and, oh by the way, we have a new single out'.
Very little emphasis on the record; small black & white picture.


Here is a consolidated pic of all 9 collector cards that came with
the first issue Rhino CDs in 1994-95:



The RCA/Colgems Sampler from January 1967:

This was the only promo for "I'm A Believer" and despite
the big STEREO on there, it's in mono, just like the single.

I think RCA issued these samplers every year, but they are so hard to find;
I can't confirm how many years they were pressed.

This was the only USA record I was missing, so it's nice to get the last one.