JUNE 29 New this week:

Promo stamped "Words" from Italy:

Italy only made 6 singles and finding promotional copies has been tough.


While visiting Ed Reilly last weekend I found this MOTM error label
at the Princeton Record Exchange:

Some people love these mis-pressings and others are completely uninterested.
I think when you collect a certain artist for years and years finding anything you
haven't seen before... that can be really exciting, and these labels are one of a kind.


Australian copy of "Greatest Hits" from Derek Miner:

I would love to own more copies of the Australian and for that matter Japan pressings
but with shipping it can get very expensive.
Very thankful for fans like Derek sharing their photos!


JUNE 20:

From 7A records, Davy Jones "Rainbows" with a B-side song title that is too long to write...

Thanks to Scott Erickson for sharing these photos!



JUNE 19:

A promo copy of the 2 CD deluxe "More of the Monkees":

In addition, I updated all 4 of these deluxe sets and scanned the CDs
again and added the hype stickers. My original scanner was pretty bad
and just didn't like the color red for some reason.

I'm slowly going back and redoing all those CD pages....



JUNE 16 New this week:

A really nice copy of "Compilation" from 1978. I found the cassette version
last February, though not as rare, the 8-track is hard to find.

8-Track & Cassette



JUNE 12: 'Pisces' from Colombia, courtesy Ed Reilly:


And I found my seventh Japanese promo; this one for "D. W. Washburn":



JUNE 5: Papa Nez on Sundazed vinyl:


Thanks to Ben Belmares for sharing his pictures!