JUNE 28:

Big update on the Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart page:

Australian LP


USA LP (Columbia House pressing)


Promo copies of the 1976 Japan LP and the 1981 Reissue
(Thanks to Rikizo Komori)


The "Concert In Japan" Varèse Vintage CD from 2006
(Thanks to Ben Belmares)


JUNE 26:

Here's a real oddity:

A circa 2000 promo CD single on the Innocent label

David Bradley in the Monkees Mixography FB group shared these photos
looking for answers. I dug around and found out that Innocent was
a short-lived UK label most famous for bands like Atomic Kitten,
which released "Daydream Believer" in the Japanese market back in 2000.

If this CD is a promo for that release, why only release the Monkees version?

If anyone else has any information please share!


JUNE 21:

When Arista Japan reissued their catalog in 1981 they chose not to
release "The Monkees Present" or "Changes". Instead, they gathered
the tracks Davy & Micky sang lead on and released them on their
own solo records called "The Best".

Thanks to Ed Reilly for these pictures.


JUNE 20:

German RCA promotional postcard from January 1967.

They must have mailed one of these out with each release.
This is the sixth one I've found so far.


JUNE 17:

I've completed my Japanese LP section with all the known records (I think)
for RCA, Bell & Arista. Some of these are not even on Discogs so tracking down
what exists had me visiting old websites, like this one that is over 20 years old.

Japan stopped issuing vinyl in the late 80s so Arista was the last label
that put anything out.

I've divided each label into studio releases/reissues & compilations.

Special thanks to Rikizo Komori who shared many of his LPs
with additional photos from Ed Reilly & Michael Mann.








JUNE 10:

Ed Reilly recently acquired some previously unknown Colgems LP slicks
and has written an article about a possible reissue program for the Monkees 1970:

An LP slick is an actual album cover in its unused, pristine state,
before it was pasted onto the cardboard LP jacket.

It's an interesting question because the cereal records (also released in 1970)
may have been a part of a big planned push to capitalize on their popularity
with the Saturday morning TV show, which did very well in the ratings.

Unfortunately that did not translate into increased sales of records
and with Mike leaving the band shortly thereafter anything else planned was cancelled.



Recent finds from Canada's RPM Weekly magazine

Record Reviews:


LP Ads:


The Stereo 8 version of The Monkees Greatest Hits



Finally found the last Rhino cassette compilation:

Tutti Legends from 1996

Almost everyone who bought this music magazine got the CD version
making this rather obscure cassette very difficult to track down.
Thanks to Ed Reilly for finally finding one and sharing his pictures!