JUNE 22:

According to Real Gone Music: Barnes & Noble has an exclusive version
of this 2LP set on "Fuego" colored vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.



JUNE 18:

DW from way down in Jamaica

We've found LPs through Instant Replay, so I'm assuming they made the singles
at least through Tear Drop City, but this one is the latest I've found so far


Found a Good Clean Fun from Canada with a release date on it.
Since they didn't issue promo records this is as close as I've found to one so far.


JUNE 13:

Micky's Demoiselle now with a release date of August 12


JUNE 12:

An unbelievable find: the Birds LP with a revised rear jacket

COS-109 RE

Davy's quote that was attributed to Edith Sidebottom, has been removed.

We know that Edith was a real person that Davy met while in England.
He used a line from one of her songs about a circus coming to town in the tune
he wrote with Steve Pitts, The Poster.

Davy said that when the LP was released he signed a copy and mailed it to Edith,
but she was offended that Davy didn't at least give partial credit of the song to her.
So she had a lawyer contact him about it. Davy mailed her a check for $3,000
and that seemed to settle it.

The LP Davy mailed to Edith Sidebottom
(From the collection of Katie Urquhart)


However it would seem that RCA & the lawyers took it a step further
and removed her name from the album altogether.


JUNE 11:

Added a new page for Michaels 'Best of' Songbook


Also found an alternate label for the Bell release Re-Focus
with "Stereo" added below the catalog number:



Found this Pisces LP with an unknown 37mm pressing ring.

It's clearly marked "I" for Indianapolis on both sides of the dead wax, but doesn't look like
something RCA ever issued. Seems to be a contract pressing of some kind
but doesn't match anything that I know of.



A second color found for this promo Birds LP from Peru
(Photos courtesy of Ed Reilly)


and thanks to Stephen Wright I was able to obtain this great copy of Head on 8 track


Real Gone Music's double LP of Nesmith's Different Drum
pushed back to August 5 release date.

From RGM Nesmith page:

"Please Note: The industry is experiencing longer turnaround times than usual.
Expected shipping dates are based on encountering no unexpected delays due
to manufacturing issues or shipping back-ups and are subject to change.


June 3:

I hope everyone has ordered the next fantastic release from 7A records
Nesmith's Tantamount To Treason which was released today