JUNE 28:

Created a new page for Davy's It's Christmas Time Once Again
2020 CD & upcoming red vinyl release


JUNE 26:

1968 Japanese wallet calendar promoting the singles Daydream Believer & Star Collector.
(Both released on December 5, 1967)


Pool It!....a promo cassette; this is from the late Marty Eck's collection.
This was not known to exist!


Created a new page for the UK HMV release of The Monkees Greatest Hits


Acquired a 60 second NBC promo for the second season

The color has faded a bit and it has turned red.
However it has an extended version of the theme song with additional photos
not used in the second season opening credits and it is the only known promo
of this kind to exist. Too bad it didn't make it on the Blu-Ray!


JUNE 11:

Thanks to Eric Scheiner for sharing his photo of this
recently found multi-colored vinyl EP from Iran.


JUNE 10:

Added some Canadian Arista LPs & separated each release to their own page
(Courtesy of Louisa Thomsen)

Then & Now, both the stock and CRC version


More Greatest Hits