July 19: Finally found a New Zealand Good Clean Fun picture sleeve/record! woo hoo. Being the only picture sleeve issued in NZ (not counting the EPs) it is a great find. Also scored a Someday Man from the same seller. Now I am only missing 3 from NZ. Also found the Italian promo for Last Train/I'm A Believer, pretty beat up, but it will do till I find a better one.

July 9: Created a want list (so I don't have to keep checking my notes scribbled here and there). Added Pleasant Valley Sunday and 'The Hits...' ads to the Cash box section. Also added new info/pics to the Ireland page.

July 5: Found a Bolivian EP! Never knew one existed! Very cool. The sleeve is a little rough but fortunately was made of heavy card stock and has survived overall. All the songs are from The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees. Make me wonder if they had EPs from the earlier records.

July 1: Added the last France single, 49.957(Tear Drop City) , Portugal's TP 397 and Thailand's TK 76 and MTR 37 with the original red label. Later MTRs feature the blue label with modern graphics. This is the only record I have found so far that has been reissued on the MTR label. Also posted a new pic for the B-side picture sleeve of Portugal's TP-341 as the original sleeve that I had was pretty torn up.