JULY 28:

Added some cool newspaper articles and ads from reader Lisa Manekofsky.

From the November 18, 1967 issue of TV Guide:

"Tune into to The Monkees tonight and turn on to the album tomorrow!"

Tune in, Turn on....did Timothy Leary write this?

This has long been one of my favorite ads, but I've never seen an original copy before.

JULY 27:

Scored a Pleasant Valley Sunday and Valleri from India and Michael's promo for Don't Cry Now/Tapioca Tundra from his bizarre LP The Wichita Train Whistle Sings. I never knew, but Don't Cry Now is the A-side. I actually have the much harder to find stock copy, but was glad to pick up this promo.

I also bought the new Friday records release of Instant Replay and below I am posting scans of the Master tapes pics printed in the background on the gatefold jacket.




JULY 19:

Found an incredible promo flyer for the USA's 'I'm A Believer' single, in 8 years of collecting I've never heard of this existing or seen a photo of one before. I bought it from a guy who got it from a former RCA employee who worked with promotions. I have an earlier one for 'Last Train To Clarksville' and it is also rare, but I've seen them in photos.

It makes sense that this one exists as well because there was such a huge promotion for their early records. The 3rd single 'Little Bit Me, Little Bit You' was perhaps lost in the shuffle of the sacking of Kirshner and that he had one single ready to go, but then it was scrapped and they quickly made another one, reducing time to heavily promote it. They didn't even have time to make a new picture sleeve for it.



JULY 10:

Picked up another rather hard to find Thailand record from the MTR label. My friend StewMac outbid me for one a few years back and this is the only one I've seen since then (and my PS is the better copy!).




Reader Lisa Manekofsky sent in these great pics from Arista records in Belgium!
Somehow they used a pic from Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (who were probably touring at that time)
The format and numbering closely resembles German Arista releases from that same time period.