Before I hit the road for the Texas Monkee concerts here are some updates:

More of the Monkees cassette from the hard to find 1994-95 reissues.
Thats when the CDs were first issued and thats what most people bought.

Inexplicably this is dated 1997, so, was this re-released yet again?
Its another Monkee Mystery!


Long Boxes for the Missing Links Vol. 2 and Arista's Then and Now:

I believe Long Boxes were also made for the CDs "Missing Links Vol. 1"
and "Live 1967" but I've never seen them. Have you?

And finally, some cool yellow vinyl on the Monogram label from Iran:




Found 2 new ads: The Hollywood Reporter:

and from France 'Disco Revue'



Found an LP insert for the Rhino Monkee Business LP. This was the first Monkee album released by Rhino and came out in 1982. I probably bought this when it was reissued in 1986 as Monkeemania was sweeping the nation. At the time all I had was a cassette version of Australia's Monkeemania and this LP sounded soooo much better!

This insert may have been used as a promotional advertisement for this LP, but since there is a hole for the spindle I'm more inclined to believe these were intended for production, but were unused.



Summer is typically harder to find records, I guess everyone is on vacation but me!
Here is a new one from New Zealand:



And a National Guard syndicated radio program featuring songs and brief interviews with Davy and Peter: