JULY 20:

Cool 'Pisces' ad with photos from the Daydream Believer
picture sleeve on GO Magazine from January 5, 1968:

Both the DB single (October 30, 1967) and 'Pisces' LP (November 6, 1967)
were released within a week of each other, so it makes sense to have them together,
but I've never seen another ad do this and for that matter, I've never seen this ad before.



New Sheet Music from June 1967:

"Shades Of Gray" a great tune from "The Monkees' Headquarters".


I found this record in the bargain bin for $2 and it is the first confirmed label
from the reissue of "More Of The Monkees" COS-102 RE.
My other copy is sealed, so I never knew what this looked like.

The only difference is the trademark under "Colgems" at the top is gone
and relocated under the RCA circle logo. This began to happen on their 'Pisces' LP.

This would put the released date in 1968 or '69. The trademark changed again
with "The Monkees Greatest Hits" released in June 1969.
So that is an 18 month release window.

The reverse jacket has a name on it with the date February 1968.
Was this date the she got the record? or does it mean something else?

I thought it was reissued in '69 because they didn't make a mono version,
which they were still doing in '68. But maybe they just decided not to press
any mono records for this reissue, or maybe they are so rare, I've just never seen one.

Long time Monkee collector/writer Ed Reilly, thinks they were released in '68,
but I was thinking '69. But now I don't know.