JULY 31:

Forthcoming vinyl LPs:

Regular, FYE teal vinyl, and the Barnes & Noble with the bonus single:

All 3 due out on August 12.


and here is a crazy cover for the second LP I just got in from Malaysia:


JULY 29:

More records from Peter Cooke:

Those wacky armed forces LPs with the hits on them.
Just about tripled what I knew even existed so there are a ton
of new photos on that page.

Some early Nez records:

B-side of the one-of-a-kind first Nez record on the Highness label.


Edan promo!


Early Nez tune sung by Danny Ezba on Renner Records.


JULY 26:

Some of Micky's solo records from Peter Cooke's collection:













Micky and Davy's "The Point" on cassette:


JULY 23:

I'm in the middle of a massive update as longtime UK collector
Peter Cooke has graciously shared a ton of pics!

Peter had the original Monkees global discography at themonkees.co.uk,
which existed from roughly 2001 to 2007. You can still see what it looked like via
the wayback machine internet archive. (click on a year, then pick a date on the calender)

The last two Mexican EPs from "Present" and "Changes":


"Last Train To Clarksville" UK test copy:


"Good Clean Fun" from South Africa:


Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart from Japan:

Promo version:

Test Copy version:

Plus coming soon will be pics from Davy, Micky & Nez's solo years;
basically everything I'm missing!

Thank you Peter!


JULY 18:

From reader Ben Belmares...

The Friday records Live 1967 LP (bottom of page):


Instant Replay reissue:


And thanks to both Scott Erickson and Ben Belmares
for the new Micky Single on 7A Records:


I created a new page for all the releases from "The Point";
a big thanks Peter Cooke for the stock copy label :


JULY 10:

Added the Blu Ray box set including the bonus single:

Like many other fans my box set has some tears on the inner tray,
but I'm very happy I got all the discs and the bonus single!




I added the Japanese version of Good Times
at the bottom of this page: