JULY 31:

Friday records to release the Monkees' Headquarters Stack-O-Tracks on September 29:

First time on vinyl, this will be a 180G clear vinyl.

This is in the same vein as Rhino's "Summer Of Love"; with nothing new here,
just repackaged tunes for the die-hard fan or everyone who missed out on the
Sessions box set (although it is available on iTunes).

Anyway, it's something to talk about while we are all waiting on the MOTM box set due out this fall.


JULY 30:

Thanks to reader Scott who pointed out that Micky is not on the record
"I Told You I Love You/When I See My Baby" for the band "The Missing Links".

There was an article in Tiger Beat from September '67 that said he was in that band,
but in Andrew's book he cites that Micky never recorded with them
and when I listened to the songs on youtube it was obviously not Micky.
So I removed this record from Micky's page.

Well researched blog post on Micky from that time period.


JULY 19:

...and the LP version:


JULY 18:

It finally arrives, the "Summer Of Love" comp from Rhino,
for starters here is the CD version:




Found the German promo for "Listen To The Band/Someday Man":

The foreign promos from 1969-70 are so hard to find;
with how easy it is to find records from say, Germany and Japan,
I'm surprised that it is so hard to find these:


66-5000 Tear Drop City
66-16025 Hey, Hey With The Monkees


SS-1953 Oh My My

I've never even seen pictures of these records anywhere on the 'net.



Completely revamped the USA "Flashback" section. I noticed I had a bunch of these
in my collection but didn't look at them too hard as they are not as exciting as perhaps
the foreign releases. Anyway, after research I realized that some were
pressed on vinyl & some on styrene and I was able to distinguish that at least some of the
styrene were from the Monarch pressing plant. I've also included better
descriptions of the labels for the transition from Bell to Arista.