JULY 19: "Daydream Believer" promo from El Salvador:

Actually they considered "Goin' Down" to be the A-side.



JULY 9: New this week-

Promotional "I'm A Believer" from Peru



A new comp "An Introduction to the Monkees" Vol. 1"

Nothing new here; strictly for the casual fan. It's always good to have
new product coming out each year and the $5 prices point is perfect.

Unfortunately Rhino is still using the "single version" description tag; in this case for
"Pleasant Valley Sunday". This CD mix is in stereo and tracks at 3:15,
whereas the single was in mono and it's length was at 3:10.


And from Ed Reilly finally the sheet music for "Good Clean Fun"
which is just impossible to find:

With the insert it is 8 pages and includes the lyrics,
the only one I know for the Monkees like that.

Thanks Ed!



Changes in a clear cassette from 1986:

Clear cassettes became all the rage in the late 80's and officially 
Rhino first issued them for the Monkees in July 1987 
with "Missing Links" and "Live 1967".

However, this cassette exists, so maybe this was this just a running change
in the production cycle. If so, hopefully other cassettes from the 80s can
also be found this way. 


JULY 2 Its Axis Power Tuesday here at Monkee45s:

A promo sticker on "Hey, Hey With the Monkees" from Germany.

I've never been able to find a promo label for this record
so this might be all there is.

This same sticker was used on a sleeve for "Girl I Knew Somewhere".
which was the first Monkee record issued without a promo sleeve in Germany.


And from Japan, the 400 Yen price sticker on "Pleasant Valley Sunday".

in 1968 Japan raised the price on their singles from 370 to 400 Yen
and went back and put updated stickers on any unsold picture sleeves.
Everything through "Valleri" can be found with the updated price.

Thanks to Ed Reilly for trading me these above two records!