JULY 30: "Davy Jones" on 8-track



JULY 18:

Upcoming Monkees releases:

July 23 [Released]
"Head" A part of Rhino's "Summer of '69" series
One seller said this was limited to 2500 copies.


August 9
"The Monkees Greatest Hits" Friday Music originally released this in 2011,
this time it's on translucent gold vinyl


August 23
"The Monkees Greatest Hits" Rhino's (black vinyl?) repressing of last January's
"Start your ear off right" series which was limited to 4500 copies on orange vinyl.


September 13
"Christmas Party" on vinyl
Red or green vinyl (brick & mortar stores)
red & white candy cane (Rhino.com exclusive)
and also possibly a regular black vinyl version.


Fall '19
"Headquarters" Super Deluxe; continuing the 3 CD box set series.



JULY 19:

Promo copy of the last Monkees single from Japan
"Do It In The Name Of Love/Lady Jane"

Japanese promos are hard to find anyway,
but this 1971 Bell promo eluded me for all these years.


JULY 15:

Blank "I'm A Believer" label from the Hollywood Pressing Plant


JULY 14:

Got a few Monkee promo records in from Spain:


and for Nesmith this "Silver Moon:

but for some reason RCA also released this promo only 45
with Nez and Jerry Reed:



"Pleasant Valley Sunday" from Record World magazine

Copies of RW can be really tough to find; I've been looking for years for this ad;
too bad it's in B&W though.

Sheet music from Spain for "Tear Drop City" & "(Theme From) The Monkees" circa 1970.
Sheets are provided for quite a few band members: piano, trumpet
lead guitar, bass guitar, alto sax and tenor sax.



Found a website that lists sales figures for all their USA LPs
up through the 3 box set for "The Monkees Present" I copied it to this page.

Also added list prices for all the Colgems LPs; which were under $5 up through "Changes".

In 1966 mono LPs were priced $1 less than stereo. But on June 1, 1967
(just after Headquarters was released) RCA raised the suggested list price
for mono LPs to match the stereo prices.

They predicted (correctly) that would be the beginning of the end for mono releases
as they were completely phased out a year later.

However, most people didn't pay the list price as discount department stores such as
Montgomery Ward, Woolworth's and Thrifty offered discounts.