JULY 30:

Acquired a nice copy of the Colgems "Greatest Hits" 8-track;
actually the box is kinda beat-up but the tape (after cleaning) looks fantastic.


and here is an ad for the RCA Record Club from September 1968

They are kinda tough to see, but Headquarters is in the first image all the way to the right,
eighth from the top. And the Pisces LP is in the second image also to the far right,
fourth from the top.

To the best of my knowledge, there was no differences in the packaging for a record
bought through the club vs. retail.


JULY 21:

A new page for the Canadian "Pool It".

Also included is this rare press release.
Thanks to Ed Reilly for these photos!


JULY 16:

And here are the full pictures, thanks to Ben Belmares -

It looks like the European/Japan version has a misprinted song title
"Porpoise Song" instead of "As We Go Along".
I'll try and get some pictures of that.


JULY 12:

My copy of the Live LP finally shipped yesterday,
hopefully I can get some pictures of it up this week.



Created a timeline of the evolving copyright text to show that the first two LPs
were reissued sometime in 1968, not '69.

For years I have been saying these were re-released in 1969 because that is
when the Colgems circle symbol began to show up on the singles,
starting with "Listen To The Band". But the text of the copyright places
their release between 'Pisces' (Nov. 67) and Instant Replay (Feb. 69).

I also added the 4 unused LP slicks from Ed Reilly's collection. Looking at these....
you can see that the unused "Headquarters" RE2 slick was created at the same time as the
above first LP (RE2) and the second LP (RE). I wonder why it wasn't reissued?

It's also interesting to note that the HQ RE jacket (the 'Beards' cover) was created and sold in '67
before the copyright changed with the 'Pisces' release.