JULY 29:
From Lisa Manekofsky on FB-

Thanks to John, we know that the RSD Missing Links albums with the UPC sticker over the shrinkwrap have the alternate color vinyl. I noticed sellers are also distinguishing the two editions by whether the barcode is square (printed on the jacket) or round/rounded (the UPC sticker) - the photo shows the two variations for Volume 1. A few sellers even state the UPC code for the item. In case this isn't already available elsewhere, here is the information for each album.

Volume 1:

Yellow: square barcode printed on jacket UPC: XXXXX 70150 7
Red: rounded barcode sticker on shrink wrap UPC: XXXXX 79150 8


Volume 2:
Orange: square barcode printed on jacket UPC: XXXXXX 70903 9
Red: rounded barcode sticker on shrink wrap UPC: XXXXXX 79903 0

Volume 3:
Green: square barcode printed on jacket UPC: XXXXXX 72153 6
Blue: rounded bardcod sticker on shrink wrap UPC: XXXXXX 79153 9


JULY 19:

As expected, MOTM wins the ROG contest. It's interesting that the two records the Monkees were competing against got bumped to the next contest, leading me to believe this was just set up to create interest for MOTM. Nevertheless very happy to see the next one!

Both green & black vinyl are available from the get go, but I'm not sure why.....
I mean, why wouldn't you get the green one?

So the green is "limited" but they don't say how many:

"Initial orders get an ultra-limited green vinyl edition while supplies last"

The Pre-orders begin today, July 19 and end August 17.

Since there are going to be at least 2 LPs,
I've created a new page for the Run Out Groove label


JULY 18:

Completed the Missing Links page for Friday Music
Complete Set!

Thanks to Ed Reilly & Ben Belmares for sharing their photos.


Polls close today for the next Run Out Groove contest.
MOTM should win.


JULY 17:

Added the yellow vinyl version for The Monkees:


JULY 16:

Update for RSD:

It seems the extra UPC sticker on the shrink wrap matches up to:

Volume 1: Red
Volume 2: Red
Volume 3: Blue


JULY 15:

Thanks to "SomeDeerBoi" at Discogs for explaining the release dates for the Taiwan LPs:

"So Taiwan had their own calendar system (at least back then)
called Minguo that, instead of regular years like 1980, they started at year 1.
Year 1 was in 1912, so to get regular years, you'd have to add 1911 to whatever
year it was on that Minguo calendar.

In the earlier days of Taiwan's record industry (mid-60's-late 70's),
Taiwan used that calendar on their records.

That's just years. The whole date follows as YY.MM.DD.
If there is not a 3rd number at the end, the date is simply YY.MM."


So I've updated the release dates for most of the Taiwan records
as a few don't list a date at all.


JULY 12:

Ed Reilly generously shared his photos of his black vinyl version for the 2 LP set



The Monkees 2 LP Special Edition was released today. I ordered one yellow
and one black pressing; I hope everyone was able to get at least one copy.


If you haven't already vote for the next one: MOTM; polls close on July 18.



Recently found this AFRTS LP for the Pisces album.

Years ago I had done a internet search for these records and came across this one
listed in a library but with no pictures. Nice to finally find a copy.


Thanks to Akira Suzuki on Facebook who put up pictures of his
Headquarters LP that has 25mm pressing rings. This is possibly from the
MCA pressing plant of Gloversville or Pinckneyville
which had these same diameter rings on their records.

These two plants had been previously owned by Decca (up until 1966).

Digging through my collection I found two of my records I had misidentified
as MGM pressings (32mm), but mine do not have any marks in the dead wax
so these are unconfirmed.



Many people are reporting that the black vinyl version for The Monkees
by Run Out Groove records is already shipping.



Oliver added to the 8-track section for Italy. Released in November 1970.

I've just started looking at foreign Colgems/RCA 8-track releases but it seems
Italy was the only other country that released the original Colgems
studio albums in the 8-track format.