JULY 31:

The complete page with CD & LP for the recent 7A masterpiece of
Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart's only two releases.
(Photos courtesy of Ben Belmares & Ed Reilly)


The end credits of the DJB&H CD has a new Davy Jones release: Manchester Boy-


JULY 30:

New finds from Ed Reilly -

Davy/Micky LP on MGM records from Japan; a promo copy of the cassette

I've never even seen a stock copy of this one.

and another rare find this one for Nez heads - the Argentina version of Nevada Fighter



New promos found - including the first ever German Tear Drop City -
Thank you Michael Sievers!

Every German RCA single had a white label promo record but this one and
Hey, Hey With The Monkees/ I'm A Believer



Joe Alterio posted this article from the November 11, 1967 issue of Canada's RPM Weekly

It has the Pisces LP in the stores on October 30, which is a full week better
than my best guess for the LP release here in the states.



This week I got in a copy of Present from Mexico -

This is one of two countries (the othere being Ecuador) that we know issued this LP
with the corrected name of the front cover artist "Neko Chohlis".



Updated the page with full pictures of the recent 7A reissue: Tantamount To Treason Vol. 1
(Pictures courtesy of Ben Belmares & Ed Reily)


Also added the black label early pressing for Instant Replay from Venzuela
(Picture courtesy of Ed Reilly)