JULY 31:

Created a new page for the Arista LP releases in Mexico
(Courtesy of Rikizo Komori)


JULY 29:

Created a new page for the CD issue of the 20th Anniversary Tour LP,
which was retitled as Live!
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


A new find from New Zealand: Re-Focus
(Also from Ed Reilly)


Added the Ronco's 20 Golden Greats to the UK album page
(Courtesy of Louisa Thomsen)



Added the newest version of Rhino's Greatest Hits to the site


Rhino/Tower Records Ad for the Music Box 4 CD set
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)


Here is a real twist: a Pisces LP from the Presswell pressing plant that has a first gen label
on one side and the third gen label on the other.
(Courtesy of Louisa Thomsen)

I've never seen anything but the first two records with a first gen label



Davy's second LP from Mexico, courtesy of Richard Addyman


1988 Ad from Pulse! Magazine (Tower Records)
(Courtesy of Ed Reilly)

This finally confirms the release date for their CDs
Greatest Hits
& More Greatest Hits


A new discovery for Re-Focus - Presswell pressing plant in Ancora NJ

The album title above the hole and the spread out song titles
make this label unique to this pressing plant.


Also finally found a sealed cassette long box blister pack for Broadway Micky